Do you keep forgetting passwords for your online accounts? Are you sure the passwords you create are strong and secure enough? Do you wish you could save all your passwords somewhere without the risk of hacking or losing them? Well, Hashr is the just the right app for you!

What is Hashr?

Hashr is a unique and innovative mobile application that can generate secure, unique and theft-resistant passwords for every website. Using the PwdHash algorithm created by Stanford University, it creates highly secure and strong passwords for all the websites you log into and keeps it safely stored on your mobile device.

Why you need this app?

You don't need to remember any password anymore. Using this app, you’ll never have to go through the hassle of forgetting a password and losing your essential information. Additionally, this app will also eliminate any need for an insecure password manage. The password generated by the app will never be stored on a server or somewhere else so you can have peace of mind that all your passwords are safe.



Generates secure, unique and theft-resistant passwords for every website.


The passwords are always generated on your device only and never saved on any server.


It uses Touch ID to store your master password so you don’t have to type it every time.


History option allows you to quickly regenerate your password for recently used websites.


Hashr is available for iPhone, iPad, and macOS in the app store.


Modifiers allow you to create variations of your hashes without changing the master password. This option is useful when you want to change the password of a website.


Hashr for iOS also comes with an extension for iOS Safari so that you can generate your password directly without switching between apps.


If you don't have your device next to you, you can use the online version of Hashr available on our website.

Get hashr

Hashr is available for iOS and macOS devices on Apple App Store.

If you are exceptionally on another platform you can use the web version for free.

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